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Sarah-Jayne Gratton
Editor, Green Homestead

About this community:

The Green Living Homestead will be a hub of knowledge and a great resource on those green living issues, products and services that support our passion for preserving the planet. Our community will be exploring the products, tools and methodologies that can help us better conserve resources, save on costs, improve efficiencies and ultimately live our best possible lives in a way that helps maintain the planet.

About the editor:

Sarah-Jayne Gratton is an author and social media brandologist, coming originally from a TV and theatre background, but later moving into psychology and marketing where she has worked with brands across the world to build both their professional and social capital. She has become a well-known social media personality and is listed in the Top 10 Twitter Elite, as rated by TweetGrader.com. Sarah-Jayne is an accomplished speaker and writer, being regularly featured in Social Media Today and other publications including In-Spires Lifestyle Magazine and blogcritics.org. She is listed in the Top 10 of The Sunday Times Social List and is one of the 'Top Marketing Book Authors on Twitter' in Social Media Marketing Magazine.